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Why Buy Used
Why Buy Used
Sure, almost everyone would like to have the exciting new cars they see on TV commercials or read about in magazines, but there are tons of great benefits to buying used vehicles, and it’s not just the price! Here’s why you should consider buying used.

No Rapid Depreciation

A new car goes through a huge depreciation of value within the first year. A new car could even lose as much as 11% of its value the second it’s driven off the lot. With a used car, it will already have experienced a majority of its depreciation, so it won’t lose as much value as soon as you buy it.

Keep Your Money

First, one of the obvious to consider used cars is because they’re less expensive than new cars. So you’re not only saving on the initial price of the car, but other factors, too, like your insurance rates. That’s because those rates are determined by the value of your car, so if your car is worth less, then you’ll have lower insurance costs.

Bang for Your Buck

Do you want the style and power of a Cadillac CTS, but can’t quite afford it? No problem! Buying a used Cadillac means that you’ll get all the benefits of a Cadillac, but at a lesser price. Plus, you’ll receive even more value than spending that same amount of money on a newer (but less luxurious) car would.

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